John S. Renalt, Commanding Officer


Captain John Samuel Renalt was placed in command of the USS ENTERPRISE 1701-B.  Shortly after taking command of the ENTERPRISE, the ship was destroyed in a fierce battle trying to retake the Federation from the Zaron Empire.  Renalt and the other crew members were separated and scattered in various life capsules.  Renalt was rescued by Nevets and several other crewmembers about the CSC TAURUS.  Renalt served as commanding officer of the CSC TAURUS until its near destruction defending the RAOP headquarters.  Renalt was then assigned as commanding officer of the USS ENTERPRISE, 1701-C.

Renalt was promoted the Rear-Admiral, but retained command of the ENTERPRISE.  He served on the ENTERPRISE for several tours until he was an old man.  However, an encounter with an anomaly made Renalt young again.  With his new energy and wisdom he continued to lead the ENTERPRISE while all his friends around him died.  He lived to see the rebirth of the United Confederation of Planets.  However while defending the Federation the ENTERPRISE was pulled to a region of the Universe that was completely unknown.  While helping an alien ship, the ENTERPRISE was destroyed.  However, instead of dying, Renalt found himself in front of the "Sun God" who now called himself Q with Nevets, Nimmon, and Collek.  He told them that all the experiences that they had were nothing more than fantasy and that they failed the test.  Renalt had gotten his ship destroyed, Nevets had wasted his life chasing Thames, Collek was the seed that nearly destroyed the Federation, and Nimmon threw his life away trying to be young.  They talk Q into giving them another chance and he agrees.  Q restarts the timeline at a time before they encountered him and wiped their memories.   Now their adventure continues.