Season 1

  1. 1.  In the Beginning

Renalt and crew embark on their first mission together.  They encounter an old enemy of Captain Renalt's named Xon.  They trick Xon and escape into the Monsolon Nebula.  However, a particle in the nebula interferes with the ship's systems.  Thanks to an idea from Mr. Nimmon, the ship is freed from the nebula and escapes destruction.

  2. 2.  The Journey Home

On the way to Starbase 99, the crew respond to a distress call.  It is fake.  A group of aliens trick the crew into become subjects for their great experiment.  The aliens have constructed a large computer called Prion.  They gather alien brain scans and use them to augment Prion.  However, when activated, Prion becomes unstable and become suicidal.  Renalt and crew leave as Prion destroys the planet.

  1. 3.  Starbase 99

While defending Starbase 99 from a Zaron attack, the ENTERPRISE is hit with two mysterious weapons.  One affects the ship, causing the crew to lose control of the ENTERPRISE.  The other weapon causes mutations in the crew members blood, causes them to go into a coma.  Nevets, being the only one not affected, finds a cure with an old Scientist.  Nevets must get the cure while avoiding the Zaron's. 

  1. 4.  The Capture

While on patrol, the crew encounter the USS SEARCHER which has been missing for 2 years.  While investigating they are attacked by a ZARON patrol.  During the battle, the life support systems are destroyed and the crew evacuates.  Some escape in escape pods while the senior officers escape to the SEARCHER.  However, Captain Meko of the SEARCHER and his crew have been mutated by the transporter.  When Renalt and company beamed to the SEARCHER, Meko and his crew beamed to the ENTERPRISE.  Renalt, Nevets, and Collek discover that oxygen is a poison to the mutated SEARCHER crew.  They beam aboard and destroy MEKO using oxygen tanks from sickbay.

  1. 5.  The Loss

Responding to a distress signal, the ENTERPRISE encounters a massive cloud of proteins.  The crew decide to go through.  However, some of the particles stick to the hull.  Once through the cloud, the ENTERPRISE is pulled into orbit around a strange planet by a gravity well.  Nevets, Nommoc, and Nimmon explore the planet to determine how to set the ship free only to encounter hostile aliens.  Nevets kills the aliens.  Meanwhile, damage to the ship is getting worse and Renalt orders the crew to evacuate in escape pods.  Renalt, Collek, Niro, and Norra stay aboard to try to solve the problem.  However, after AROC fails, they realize its a lost cause.  They decide to leave the ship, however, a transporter malfunction strands Collek on the ship.  The episode ends with Collek's funeral.

  1. 6.  Grounded

The crew is stranded on the planet with no hope of escape until a message comes in from Dr. Collek.  Apparently a race of aliens save him and the ship, but its just a trap to capture the ENTERPRISE.  The Ma'oons are a race of people who have been at war for years.  They have advanced mental powers and projected the damage to the ENTERPRISE into the minds of the crew.  There was on green slime or damage to the ship.  The Ma'oons plan to use the ENTERPRISE to attack their enemies.  Collek, feeling betrayed, attacks them and with the help of the rest of the crew, kill the Ma'oons on the ship.  Finally, a strange message is received telling of a Zaron takeover of the United Federation of Planets.  The Crew leaves to help.

  1. 7.  The Final Battle

The Federation is dead.  The Zarons have taken over the United Federation of Planets.  Renalt vows to free the member worlds starting with the large military base on Baron VI.  On the way they rescue a man named Roger Thames.  When Norra is hurt, Thames takes the helm.  However, there are too many guard ships and when the ENTERPRISE is near destruction, Renalt and the crew abandon ship all except Thames who stays behind.  Callka, the Governor of this planet, has a plan to capture the crew.  Callka captures the crew and Thames helps them escape.  He reveals that he beam off ship seconds before the break up.  While running from the guards, the crew run into Callka at the end of a hallway.  They try to fight, but they were out numbers.  One by one, the crew falls to the Zaron weapons until only Nevets is left.  The screen goes blank. 

  1. 8.  Revival

Nevets awakens to find that he's been captured for 3 years.  The crew is alive but scattered throughout the quadrant.  Nevets meets Dr. Williamson, a human who has been forced to work for the Zarons, and together they free Dr. Collek.  The trio steal an old ship and escape to find the rest of the crew.  Marx, the colonial governor, call a bounty hunter to hunt them down, Roger Thames.

  1. 9.  Back to Baron VI

Nevets and the crew take the CSC TAURUS back to Baron VI where sensors have indicated a life capsule containing one of the crew.  Upon arrival, Nevets, Collek, and Dr. Williamson find the wreckage of the ENTERPRISE.  They also find a grave marker.  When they dig up the grave, it contains a life capsule containing Lt. Norra.  Williamson revives Norra as Collek and Nevets continue to the old base.  Unknown to them, Thames has a secret base there.  Nevets and Collek are captured, but are quickly released by Norra and Williamson.  They escape only to be contacted by Thames.  He warns that if they leave, he will kill one of their crew members.  Nevets thinks its a bluff.  The others don't.  There is phaser fire and a scream.  Thames kills the former Chief Engineer of the ENTERPRISE, Lt. Niro.  Nevets is in shock.  The others are horrified. 

  1. 10.  The Web

The TAURUS is caught in a web of energy.  Nimmon's life capsule is found inside.  Nevet's transporter accident end with him losing his eye and arm.  Collek repairs the arm with an artificial one and covers the eye with a patch.  While trapped in the web, Nimmon is taken over by a race of aliens called the Electross.  They are also trapped in the web.  Nevets releases antimatter from the engines to disperse the web and free the Electross and the TAURUS.

  1. 11.  The Search

On a strange planet, Collek finds a locton flower.  Pollen from the locton flower affects a person's brain chemistry causing them to become violent.  Collek attacks the entire crew.  Williamson makes an antidote and in a confrontation with Collek injects him. 

  1. 12.  Missing

In orbit over the planet Kliffton, Nimmon goes on an away mission and ends up missing.  The TAURUS is attacked by six guard ships and is forced to leave Nimmon behind.

  1. 13.  Kidnapped

While responding to a distress signal, Norra is kidnapped by a Zaron Federation Scout ship.  They are headed to Earth.  Nevets plots a course to follow them. 

  1. 14.  Voyage to Earth

On Earth, Nevets sinks the TAURUS in the ocean to hid it from sensors.  Once on the planet, they release all the prisoners in hopes of finding Norra.  Nerak and Norra are in a cell with Nommoc, the helmsman.  They all escape and meet Nevets and Collek in the corridor.  They attempt to hid, but Thames finds them.  They try to contact Dr. Williamson on the TAURUS, but he's busy fighting leaks.  Thames tells them they have one more prisoner and force Nevets not to make the same mistake he did with Niro.  They surrender.  However, when they are before a federation firing squad, Dr. Williamson beams them on the TAURUS and they escape with Renalt.  While Renalt is being revivied, Nevets leaves and sets the TAURUS on a programmed course.

  1. 15.  Circle of Death

Pondering Nevets sudden departure the crew are trapped by a circle of alien spheres that drain the ship of power.  They encounter a probe that takes the shape of Thames.  Norra escapes to find a device Nevets has created.  It is a portable force field that traps the Thames probe.  Once trapped, the probe releases the ship.  Renalt puts out quarantine beacons to make sure the Circle doesn't trap other ships.

  1. 16.  Parallel

Still trying to figure out Nevets' location, an anomaly engulfs the ships whisking it off to the mirror universe where Renalt and crew interact with their counterparts.  Quick thinking from Dr. Collek results in the crew being saved from their alternate selves.  The crew rush back towards the anomaly before is collapses in on itself.  They barely escape, receiving heavy damage.

  1. 17.  Voyage Unknown

While making repairs, Williamson is affected by an alien entity and changes the course of the ship to rendezvous with an alien cloud.  The crew realize they are attempting to be "digested" by the alien cloud.  As they pass "naturally" out of the cloud, Dr. Collek intercepts a transmission on an old secure Federation channel.

  1. 18.  New Beginning

The crew are contacted by the Rebellion Alliance of Planets and Fleet Admiral Allen.  Allen tells the crew that what's left of the Federation has reformed to fight against the Zaron Federation.  Allen tells the crew that a massive Zaron attack force is about to attack on the Rebellion Headquarters, an old starbase that has been refitted with improved shields and weapons.  The TAURUS, although still badly damaged, agrees to help.  When the attack begins the TAURUS is quickly disable and about to be destroyed when a ship, the SPYDER, beams the crew away.  The Zaron ships quickly overpower the SPYDER and the crew must abandon ship again to the RAOP base.  Once the Zaron's are defeated, Fleet Admiral Allen shows the crew their new ship, an Ambassador class refit, the USS ENTERPRISE, NCC 1701-C.

  1. 19.  The Time Gateway

The crew is becoming familiar with their new home, the USS ENTERPRISE, 1701-C.  Admiral Allen sends crew replacements for Communications, Lt. Erak Vorrel, and Chief Engineer, Lt. Scott Gooden.  Once the ship departs and attempts to answer a distress signal, the warp engines malfunction creating a temporal anomaly sending the crew back to 20th century Earth where they discover they need to find an acceptable source of matter for the reaction chamber.

  1. 20.  Escape

Beaming down, the crew quickly find they are out of place.  A strange alien kidnaps an ancestor of Nimmon and Renalt and crew attempt to rescue him.  They free him, destroy the alien parasite, and use his deuterium storage tanks for the ENTERPRISE.  They escape back through the temporal distortion back home to find that they have been accused of treason.

  1. 21.  Trial

Renalt and the crew find out more about the charges against them.  As they pour over the evidence they find out the RAOP council has used special powers granted to them by the war acts to try Renalt and the crew in their absence.  They were found guilty.  Renalt decides to escape and become outcasts again.  They must fight their own friends and starships to escape, but do so using the Morii asteroid belt.

  1. 22.  Xon’s Revenge

Renalt's old enemy Xon contacts Thames in hopes to form a alliance against Renalt.  They agree to meet.  It just so happens their meeting occurs in orbit of the same planet that Renalt wants to use as a base of operations.  Renalt had sent Collek and several officers down to the planet in the shuttlecraft TRAVELER to determine if it was suitable.  They attack and quickly disable the unsuspecting ENTERPRISE.  Thames opens fire on Xon destroying him and his ship, taking the ENTERPRISE for himself.  Thames tractors the ENTERPRISE and warps away just as the the crew of the TRAVELER return left wondering what has happened to the crew.