Season 4

    1. 72.  A Glance into the Past

    Nevets makes contact with Renalt for the first time in years.  He tells Renalt that he needs his help and they agree to mean onboard Nevets’ newly acquired Romulan Warbird he of course names SPYDER.  Once onboard, he drugs Renalt and kidnaps him.  Fortunately Captain Morrison made Admiral Renalt carry a transponder with him.  Renalt awakens and is surrounded by Captain Nimmon of the USS CONDOR, Captain Norra of the USS NOVOX, and Captain Gooden of the USS EAGLE.  All have similar stories:  Nevets tricked them all.  Gooden uses the transponder to open the door.  Morrison teams up with the EAGLE, NOVOX AND CONDOR to find the Captains.  Nevets pilots the warbird to planet Renegade.  There is an entity in his head.  Gooden and Norra create a diversion in Engineering while Renalt and Nimmon try to take the bridge.  All the bridge controls are in Romulan and they try to contact the ENTERPRISE.  Nevets returns to the bridge to catch Renalt and Nimmon.  An energy being leaves Nevets’ body.  As it happens, the being left this world years before and has returned to find none of his people.  The traces their energy patters to Nevets and all of the other members Nevets has kidnapped.  The being hears Renalt’s explanation and leaves to find the other like it.  A real Romulan Warbird decloaks firing on the SPYDER.  The Federation starships have arrived and don’t know which ship to fire on.  Everyone takes their station on the SPYDER as in the old days.  Renalt orders a maneuver that Morrison immediately recognizes.  The federation ships open fire on the Warbird and it retreats.  The crew receives word that Admiral James W. Collek passed away and they have a memorial service on the planet surface.  Starfleet has granted Renalt permission to promote Gooden, Nimmon, and Norra to rear admirals and several of the ENTERPRISE crewmembers also get promotions to Captains with command of their own ships.  Their appears to be plans for a ship buildup in Starfleet.  Nevets is offered a commission, but refuses instead choosing to remain on the SPYDER.  However, he tells Renalt how to reach him if the need arises. 


    1. 73.  Plan of Action

    The USS ENTERPRISE, NCC 1701-D has received several new crew replacements including a 13 year old chief engineer, a boy genus named Lt. Jeffery Sladen who was actually one of the engineers on the Galaxy class design project.  Sensors indicate a new strange ship that appears to be unrecognizable.  Renalt rushes to the aid of the ships.  The energy weapons on the alien ship does extensive damage to the ENTERPRISE including destroying the starboard warp nacelle.  Renalt jettisons the nacelle.  As the nacelle floats away from the ship, Renalt uses a tractor beam to push the damaged nacelle filled with unstable warp plasma towards the ships and fires a torpedo at it destroying the nacelle and 2 of the 4 attacking vessels.  The other vessels leave.  There is extensive damage all over the ship.  With only one nacelle, Sladen is only able to get to warp 4.  They receive a transmission from the USS YAMATO, a Galaxy class Starship.  Renalt decides to help them out even in the weakened state.  When they arrive, they alien ships are gone.  Devereaux determines that the ships are a new design of Astonians which haven’t been heard from in over 10 years.  They beam over to the YAMATO and find only one life sign, the Captain who says the word “tuned warp plasma” before he dies.  Michaels, Sladen, and Morrison come up with a way to use the YAMATO’s deuterium supply as well as one the warp nacelles.  The warp nacelle is brough to the ENTERPRISE using tractor beams, attached, and the warp core restarted.  It is successful.  A review of the sensor logs reveal that it wasn’t the explosion of the nacelle that destroyed those ships it was the plasma that caused a feedback loop in their warp core.  The resonance frequency is incompatible with our warp plasma.  They crew destroy the YAMATO.  Devereaux and Sladen come up with weapons modifications, 1) photon torpedoes can be modified to contain warp plasma instead of the normal antimatter warhead, 2) the Bassard Ramscoops can be modified to “fire” warp plasma like a beam weapon, and finally 3) the main deflector dish can be modified to fire a simulated warp plasma burst.  The last option is only to be used as last resort as it is the least effective and will result in destruction of the dish.  Renalt orders the evacuation of all the families with Councelor Troi in command of the convoy.  The ENTERPRISE encounters the ships again and is nearly destroyed.  They use all the weapons and finally the last resort.  Finally with a core breach in progress, they eject the warp core and use the tractor beams again to force the core toward the aliens.  The core explodes, but with sensors down, no one knows if the last ship escaped destruction.  


    1. 74.  The Collek

    The ENTERPRISE is undergoing extensive repairs.  The political situation in the quadrant becomes increasingly complicated.  The Cardassion Union has attacked and conquered the Zaron Empire.  The Klingon Empire has accused the Federation of helping the Cardassians and the Romulans are accusing the Federation of helping the Zaron rebels.  Meanwhile, the Cardassians are angry that the Federation won’t help them crush the Zaron resistance.  The Federation is trying to remain neutral, but it is becoming increasingly difficult.  Admiral Nostovic tells Renalt that they are upgrading the Galaxy class design for the ENTERPRISE.  While the other Galaxy class ship will remain unchanged, the ENTERPRISE, the flag ship of the Federation, will get an a complete overhaul including a secondary warp core, increased Impulse engines, Quantum torpedoes, and several other system upgrades.  They also assign a political officer to Renalt’s crew, Commander Alexander P’Poole.  P’Poole is an expert in Federation law, Languages, and customs.  P’Poole also has a Positronic implant that increases his mental ability.  Admiral Nostovic tells Renalt of a new design project:  The COLLEK class design.  The ship is much smaller than most starship with only 5 decks, however, the weapons systems are state of the art as well as the maneuvering ability.  The USS COLLEK is truly a battleship.  Renalt learns that the Cardassians, in an attempt to win the favor of the Federation, have given up claim to a planet called Bajor as well as the orbital station above the planet’s surface.  The Bajorans have requested that Starfleet run the station while they plan to apply for federation membership.  Admiral Nostovic tells Renalt that he and his crew will be temporarily assigned to the USS COLLEK to escort Commodore Christopher Barron to the station, now named Deep Space 9.  En route, the crew encounter a badly damaged Romulan Warbird that turns out to be Nevets’ ship the SPYDER.  As they beam Nevets off, the SPYDER explodes.  Nevets tells them that Thames is old and crippled, but still alive.  He wants to recreate the anomaly that made Renalt young.  Nevets also informs them, that Admiral Norra and Admiral Nimmon are helping him.  Renalt is in disbelief that his friends would help.  Dr. Grace dies during a battle.  It turns out that Norra and Nimmon were working with Nevets to trap Thames, however, when the anomaly is created, Thames begins shooting his own people and then turns the gun to Nevets.  Norra jumps in the way and is killed.  It is revealed that they have been married for years now.  Nevets tried to convince Thames that the anomaly could destroy the entire universe, but Thames doesn’t listen.  Nimmon shoots Thames.  Nimmon then decides that the temptation is too great to be young again and jumps into the anomaly.  The anomaly makes the ship unstable and the others have to beam off.  After they disappear, Thames crawls toward the anomaly and enters it.  The ship explodes.  With no ship and now no enemy to fight, Renalt offers Nevets a chance to return to service in Starfleet with the rank of Captain.  Starfleet wants Nevets to command the USS COLLEK.  Nevets comments on the irony that HE would be commanding the USS COLLEK.


    1. 75.  Succession

    Nevets is becoming once again comfortable in a Starfleet uniform.  The crew dock at Deep Space 9 to deliver the new commanding officer Christopher Barron.  While there, a message is sent out.  A man has called for the secession of several member worlds.  Several of the young officers during the first secession are now Admiral and Captains so a large portion of Starfleet joins the new Conferation.  Captain Nevets takes command of the USS COLLEK and launches immediately.  Commodore Christopher Barron informs Admiral Renalt that the Klingons are supporting the UCOP.  Starfleet orders all ships to take back as many starships as possible.  The ENTERPRISE has been launched early and is on its way, however, Renalt convinces Barron to give him a runabout.  On the crews way to the ENTERPRISE, the encounter the Confederation Starship KOMEN.  A battle occurs and the ENTERPRISE arrives just in time.  They defeat the KOMEN, but as the last minute, a message from the President of the federation.  In a diplomatic meeting with the Confederation, they have reached an agreement for peace.  They have agreed to let the confederation have the ships, bases, and planets…for now.  Renalt has to let the KOMEN go on its way, but not without a stern warning from Renalt, “I suggest you leave…now, before I forget where MY loyalties lie, Mr. Devereaux, lock phasers on target.”


    1. 76.  Lost and Found

    Renalt and crew encounter an anomaly that sends them so far away from their last known position that they can not calculate a way home.  They attempt to find their way home.  Then encounter several anomalies that could send them home, but all collapse before they can be used.  Some of the crew want to stay and wait, but Renalt decides to move on.  They encounter a ship that requires energy and the crew attempt to give them power.  However the power is incompatible and results in the destruction of the ship.  The crew make their first enemy when other ships believe the ENTERPRISE attacked their ship.  They attack and cause the warp core to breach.  All is lost, until….

    Renalt, Collek, Nimmon, and Nevets find themselves in the Sun as in Episode___.  They are thrilled to see one another again.  They find that the “Sun God” they encountered is known as Q.  He tells them that they have been in his control since that original episode.  The entire time line they have encountered has been created by him.  None of it was real.  They have only been in Q’s domain for about 2 hours.  This seems to be unfathomable.  Their entire timeline has been a lie.  Q has judged them unfit to continue.  Renalt destroyed his life by staying a Starship captain.  Nevets wasted his life chasing Thames only to lose his only true love, Norra.  Collek was the seed that nearly destroyed the Federation in forming the Confederation, and Nimmon sacrificed his life to be young again.  Renalt finally convinces Q to allow them to continue in the real timeline.  Q agrees and allows them to continue on however they will have no memory of Q or their former lives in the “test” timeline. 


    1. 77.  On Our Own

    The story resumes as in Episode ____.  The ENTERPRISE has just been nearly destroyed in a battle with Thames.  Most of the crew is dead and the ship is in shambles.  Renalt convinces Allen to allow him to try to repair the ENTERPRISE en route.  They work until the ship is space worthy and launch.  Renalt decides to head for Argia II which is contrary to the way it originally happened.  The Federation has to rethink its strategy quickly.  Collek, under Zaron control, resets his trap.  Renalt and Nevets decide to head for the old shipyard to get parts to repair the ship.  They discover the USS POTEMKIN which appears to be promising.  Norra alone on ENTERPRISE while others are conducting repairs, scans a life capsule and beams it aboard.  It opens, its Nimmon with a phaser.


    1. 78.  Regroup

    Nimmon locks Norra away.  When the others return Nimmon lures them to engineering where Renalt stuns him.  Gooden frees Norra.  When Nevets gets MAX working again, it informs them that a Federation ship is about to attack them.  It is Captain Collek under Zaron control.  Renalt realizes that the only way to free College from Zaron control is to stun him like he did Nimmon who is now fully recovered.  Renalt challenges Collek to a duel.  The agree to meet on the POTEMPKIN.  They agree to hand to hand combat, but Collek brought a weapon anyway.  Nevets and Norra appear and shoot Collek.  The Federation ship attacks the ENTERPRISE and Renalt decides to power up the POTEMPKIN to help the ENTERPRISE.  There is only enough power to ram the ship.  Then an old Federation shuttle flies in and starts attacking.  The POTEMPKIN is about to crash into the federation ship, just as Renalt and the others are beamed off.  The pilot of the shuttle was Niro.  He agrees to join the crew as Chief Engineer.


    1. 79.  The Array

    Renalt decides that they can use an old Federation array to spy on the Zaron’s.  They attempt to reprogram it.  They succeed however, 4 guard ships are approaching.  The away team link the 4 subspace arrays to amplify a phaser making it 4 times as powerful and well as the shields.  The Zarons manage to destroy two of the arrays, before being defeated.  The arrays are successfully reprogrammed to send information to the RAOP. 


    1. 80.  Cloak and Dagger

    The crew decides that they need a Romulan cloaking device to outwit the Zaron Federation.  They attempt to make contact with the Romulans.  Nevets has modified Cargobay 1 to act as a cloaking room.  The ENTERPRISE enters the neutral zone and comes face to face with a Romulan Warbird.  The Commander of the Warbird hears Renalt’s request, but refuses until he not only hears about a Zaron plot to attack the Romulan Empire, but is actually attacked by 2 guard ships.  Before the warbird is destroyed, the commander beams over the cloaking device and a Romulan officer.  Nevets and the Romulan Officer Tay’Lair get the cloak installed and they escape the Zarons.  Tay’Lair reveals that the commander was her father and swears that as long as the cloak is installed she must remain onboard because she swore to her father.  It is also revealed that the Romulans have set up a sophisticated sensor net to prevent transmission to and from the Romulan Empire.  Meanwhile, sensors detect a badly damaged Bird of Prey with only one life sign aboard.  Renalt beams the Klingon Captain Krell aboard just as sensors detect a large group of Klingon ships approaching.  Krell calls off the Klingons who are about to attack the ENTERPRISE.  Renalt agrees to join the Klingon attack group just as they learn that the Klingon High council and Chancellor have been assassinated. 


    1. 81.  Good Day to Die – Part I

    Q once again pulls Renalt, Nevets, Collek and Nimmon out of reality.  Q warns them of the increasing body count in the name of war.  Q also warns them if they help the Klingons a member of the crew will die.  Renalt decides that he still will help Captain Krell, regardless of Q’s warning.  Renalt realizes that helping the Klingons could pave the way for lasting piece between the two cultures.  Q returns them to their own reality.  Renalt help Krell and he agrees to function as weapons officer.  The ENTERPRISE joins a Klingon convoy headed toward Kronos where the Zaron’s have launched an invasion.  They have murdered the high council and assassinated the Chancellor.  In the heat of battle Niro is killed.  Nimmon detects a message from Kronos that Krell determines is from a few surviving members of the high council.  Krell formulates a plan to rescue them.


    1. 82.  Good Day to Die – Part II

    Renalt, Krell, and Collek pilot a shuttle to rescue the surviving high council members.  On the ENTERPRISE in the heat of battle, a group of Romulan Warbirds decloak and join the battle against the Zaron’s.  On the surface of Kronos, Renalt, Krell, and Collek are pinned down and need a diversion.  Then a teams of Romulans beam down and start a ground fight.  In the confusion, the away team rescues the high council.  The ENTERPRISE is in bad shape.  Nevets uses the cloak to mask a portion of the ship.  Two of  the three Zaron ships approaching ENTERPRISE turn back.  The last ship still plans to destroy the ENTERPRISE.  Nevets manages to beam everyone off the shuttle just as Collek plots a course to ram the Zaron ship.  ENTERPRISE warps away, the shuttle destroys the Zaron ship. 


    1. 83.  The Assignment

    Renalt and the crew are praised for their efforts both by the Klingon empire and the Rebellion.  However, instead of returning the ENTERPRISE to active duty on the front lines, Fleet Admiral Allen sends them to investigate an anomaly in the Alban Belt in Sector 73.  The crew is surprised by this assignment.  Allen explains since all eyes are on the ENTERPRISE, it makes sense to send the crew on an exploratory mission to demonstrate that exploration is still an important part of Starfleet.  Renalt realizes he’s right and the crew prepares to accept the mission.  The Rebellion assigns 12 crew members to the ship and Nevets places them as best as he can.  The ship is still not completely repaired even with help from the Klingons and Romulans.  They find a rift.  A distress signal is being transmitted through the rift.  Renalt decides to try to take the ENTERPRISE through the rift, the rift caused a feedback loop to set up in the warp core.  He decides to use a modified shuttle to get through. 


    1. 84.  True Identity

    The shuttle approaches the rift.  Meanwhile, Nimmon figures out a way to transmit through the rift.  A ship flies toward the rift and fires at the ENTERPRISE.  The shield lower and Nevets is beamed off the ENTERPRISE.  The ship passes through the rift.  On a planet in the rift, the away team realize it’s a trap.  On the ship, Nimmon takes command and informs Renalt of Nevet’s kidnapping.  Renalt decides to go for Nevets in the shuttle.  Nimmon and Marrietta devise a way to close the rift, if the need arises.  Another ship passes by ENTERPRISE and enters the rift.  Renalt’s shuttle is captured by a group of mobsters calling themselves the Galactic Interpol.  They accuse Nevets of murder, find him guilty and murder him.  However, the real Nevets enters the room.  He once again has his eye patch and mechanical arm.  He explains that 15 years ago his name was Peter Mason and he was married to Andrea.  Andrea was murdered by GI guards.  Nevets killed them.  Nevets explains that he send a clone of himself to the ENTERPRISE while he was chasing Thames.  He created the rift to imprison the GI for their crimes.  Nevets beams Renalt and the others away.  They exit the rift and are about to be followed by GI ships, when Nimmon and the ENTERPRISE closes the rift sealing in the GI forever.


    1. 85.  Conflicting Loyalties

    Nevets rejoins the crew.  Q allows Renalt to return to the previous timeline.  Renalt contacts Nevets on the USS COLLEK.  They realize it’s not real and Q reveals his information.  He tells Renalt that there is someone on board who is going to betray him.  Renalt carries back only a slight memory…a single word traitor.  In the current timeline, Renalt orders Nevets to being checking for traitors.  Nevets convinces Renalt to take the ship to Cresia II for repairs.  They have helped Nevets in the past.  Renalt agrees and once there, repairs begin.  However, trouble is brewing.  Gooden notices that the repairs are taking longer than they should.  The Cresians start beaming off the ship and the Zaron’s take control with Thames as their leader.  The crew is confined to the brig.  Renalt is convinced that Nevets is the traitor since he lead them to Cresia.  It is revealed to be Nimmon when Thames destroys Nimmon’s old ship, the USS CONDOR after he swore to let them live if Nimmon helped him.  Thames not only destroys the CONDOR, but the entire planet killing all the Cresians.  The crew are rescued by Mark Allen, who had been hiding from the Zaron’s the entire time.  The crew forms a plan to retake the ship.  Renalt doesn’t allow Nimmon to participate instead leaving him locked in the brig. 


    1. 86.  Revolt

    Slowly the crew retake the ship.  First the transporter room, then the Computer core, the Shuttle bay where crewman Woods gets killed, and finally Engineering.  Eventually the crew take over the ship from Engineering.  The crew starts beaming all the Zaron’s to the brig.  However, Thames escapes back to his ship where he starts attacking the ship.  Tay’Lair gets the cloak working and the ship warps away leaving Thames screaming, “NO!”


    1. 87.  The Master’s Voice

    Renalt has to make a tough decision.  He reduces Commander Nimmon in rank to Lt. and throws him in the brig for 30 days for his treason.  Since crew is so short, it was his only choice.  The ENTERPRISE receives a distress signal from a nearby planet and rush to intercept.  They are patrolling the Beta quadrant near Klingon space.  Renalt, Nevets, Collek, Norra, Wilson, and Tay’Lair beam down to the planet where they are ambushed by primitive aliens with advanced weapons.  They vaporize Wilson.  The others are tied to sacrificial poles in the courtyard.  The primitives are wearing advanced medallions that jam all tricorder scan.  Lazair takes to the group about a great leader of his people.  Meanwhile, the ENTERPRISE comes under attack from the planet surface.  They can’t get a lock on the position and with the ship in a weakened position, they are forced to break orbit.  They find Lazair’s Lord is a Large Robot.  Norra and Tay’Lair escape and free everyone.  Nevets wants a look at the Robot.  They discover that the Robot simply takes orders from Lazair.  He is a puppet.  Lazair’s family has maintained power in the tribe for generations using this robot when it crashed years ago.  Meanwhile, Gooden in command of the ENTERPRISE finds the origin of the attack and sends torpedoes down.  Gooden beams everyone aboard and Nevets requests that instead of being destroyed, the VX Astonian Warrior Robot be beamed aboard for study.  Renalt agrees.


    1. 88.  The Astonians

    Nevets has been working on the Astonian Warrior Robot for months.  He finally has reprogrammed it and plans to make it a part of the crew of the ENTERPRISE.  Admiral Smith finds out about the Robot Nevets calls VX.  He wonders if the Astonians can aid the Rebellion in the war with the Zaron Federation.  However, due to the great risk, Admiral Smith creates a special task force make up of 2 humans, 2 Klingons and 2 Romulans to make first contact on a new ship.  Renalt and Gooden will represent the rebellion and Renalt’s old friend General Krell with be one of the Klingon representatives.  They set out to make contact with the Astonians leaving the ENTERPRISE crew in the dark as to their whereabouts.  The ENTERPRISE gets some strange sensor readings and then there is an explosion.  What happens to make Nevets say, “Oh My God”? 


    1. 89.  Showdown

    The taskforce is assembled and make their way to the coordinates given to them by VX.  The Astonians attack and kill everyone.  Then Q tells Renalt to open his eyes.  Q wants Renalt to admit that he needs his help.  Renalt finally does and Q rejoices in the fact that Renalt depends on him.  Renalt goes back with no memory of the events save one, stay away from the Astonian Empire.  They Astonians beam Renalt off the ship. 


    1. 90.  Prelude to War

    General Krell assumes command of the taskforce and decides they need help.  They back track to the ENTERPRISE, but they find that the ship is badly damaged.  They beam aboard and find out it is a cleaver trick using the cloaking device to mask part of the ship as well as their life signs.  Previously Nevets saw an armada of Zaron Guard ships attempting to follow the taskforce to find the Zaron’s.   Collek tells them of a life capsule they recovered that contained a body filled with explosives that he only beamed out seconds before it exploded damaging the ship.  Krell realizes that if the Zaron’s attack the Astonians, the Astonians will enter the war and any enemy of the Zaron’s is an ally to the Rebellion.  Meanwhile, Renalt is being tortured by the Astonian warrior robots.  Q once again shows up in the form of an Astonian Warrior Robot.  He gives Renalt a choice in his fate.  Q tell Renalt that the ENTERPRISE is destroyed.  He wants Renalt to make a choice:  He’ll either free Renalt from the Astonians or he can save Renalt’s crew.  He can be free from the pain of torture, but Renalt of course decides to save his crew instead.  Q disappears and the torture resumes.  The battle between the Zaron ships and the Astonian ships allows the ENTERPRISE to sneak in and beam Renalt away. 


    1. 91.  The Separation

    Renalt finally opens his eyes after his long recovery.  But to his shock, he’s not on board the ENTERPRISE.  He learns that Nevets left him on Tantilus IV.  Nevets was accused of a crime he didn’t commit.  Nevets left Renalt there as a bargaining chip.  He was under orders to take the ENTERPRISE to Rebellion headquarters.  The Zaron Federation have launched a massive attack.  The only way Nevets could obey his orders and still obey the laws of Tantilus was to leave someone in his place.  Since Renalt was in a coma, he was the logical choice.  Nevets left the VX Warrior Robot and Nimmon behind to help Renalt with his defense.  However, Renalt uncovered the real plot.  The second in charge murdered the president and placed the blame on Nevets.  Renalt clears Nevets’ name, steals a ship and they set out to find the others.


    1. 92.  Attack of the Slaves

    Norra awakens to her worst nightmare.  She is a slave to an evil Zaron master called Coloni.  There she meets a fellow slave and they plot to escape.  They kill Coloni, steal a ship and head toward Baron VI.  Meanwhile in orbit, Scott Gooden has taken a job as an ore freighter pilot.  He too steals the ship he is suppose to be working for and sets off following Norra and Sara


    1. 93.  Farm Life

    Collek is married and has a lovely wife.  They live on a quiet farm on Baron VI.  There’s just one problem.  He doesn’t have his memory.  His friends are his enemies.  Doctor Collek must make a hard choice and fight to survive.  In the end, Dr. Collek rejoins Gooden, Norra, and Sara as they race toward the last known position of the ENTERPRISE with Collek in command


    1. 94.  The Merge

    Orion pirates have taken the ENTERPRISE and are prepared to sell the ship, tear it apart to sell the components, or destroy the ship.  However, they are finding this harder than they imagined.  The Romulan Engineer Tay’Lair is still aboard sabotaging them at every corner.  Meanwhile, Renalt, Nimmon, Parsons, and the VX Warrior Robot are speeding toward them in one ship, while Gooden, Norra, Sara, and Collek are speeding in another.  They retake the ship and the crew eventually allows the Orion’s to limp back home while the crew plan on reviving the rebellion and recovering the missing crew.