Season 5

    1. 95.  Principles

    Renalt gives Sara and Parsons field commissions.  They find the Orionís have repaired most of the ships systems.  There have been no signs of any rebellion ships.  Lt. Nimmon receives a distress signal from a civilian freighter.  The crew assumes itís the Zarons however they soon find out that itís the Rebellion Starship COLUMBIA under the command of an Andorian Commander DíTrel.  After questioning the Andorian officer and his crew, Renalt and company suspect something is going on.  They confront DíTrel and he tells them that the Rebellion is dead and there is no RAOP.  ďEvery man for himself,Ē DíTrel tells Renalt.  DíTrel has been attacking ships to survive forgetting his Starfleet training.  Renalt places the crew under arrest, but they escape back to the COLUMBIA.  They fire on the ENTERPRISE and then attempt to board her.  When the threat of attack from 5 guard ships threatens, DíTrel agrees to help the ENTERPRISE defeat the Zarons.  Renalt beams everyone onboard the COLUMBIA to the ENTERPRISE including Commander Don Nevets.  Using the command codes for the COLUMBIA DíTrel pilots the COLUMBIA to intercept the Zaron ships to give ENTERPRISE time to get the cloaking device working.  When the Zaron ships close, the station DíTrel is working on explodes fatally wounding him.  As the ENTERPRISE escapes cloaked, DíTrel utters his last words, ď2113.7714.1121.Ē 


    1. 96.  Training Ground

    Nevets explains how he came aboard the COLUMBIA.  Renalt explains to the crew that their principles are the only thing holding them togetherÖ.the only thing that separates them from the Zarons.  He reinforces the idea that they will obey all Starfleet Regulations as long as heís in command.  The VX warrior robot determines that the number give to them by DíTrel refers to an unnamed planet covered by ice.  Once they beam down, they find Captain J.T. Estiban former commanding officer of the USS ARMON has set up a training facility deep in the bowels of an old Klingon Prison.  They are training over 200 people.  Renalt finds out that there is only one other known starship in Rebellion control, the USS SARATOGA.  Romulans, Klingons, and various other races are training at the facility.  Renalt convinces Estiban to assume the rank of Fleet Admiral and take charge of the Rebellion.  Sara and Parson decide to enroll in the academy.  Nevets and VX tells Renalt that they have a prototype cloak they are willing to install on the base.  Renalt gives the cloak to Estiban despite TayíLairís objections.  Estiban assigns Lt. Kade Devereaux as security, Dr.  Junden Kemal, and Ensign Forest B. Atoz as assistant engineer to the ENTERPRISE.  Estiban dispatches the ENTERPRISE to Rintok VII a former Romulan shipyard that he believes has been taken by the Zarons and used to build up their fleet.  They are to observe the activity. 


    1. 97.  Build Up

    The ENTERPRISE approaches Rintok and find it completely deserted.  Then out of nowhere they are attacked by what TayíLair describes as Romulan Zaron hybrid vessels.  The problem is that the two technologies are incompatible.  They have someone fixed this problem in a relatively short amount of time.  TayíLair manages to get the cloak back online and by remodulating the resonance frequency.  After examining the data, they find that a Tachyon surge proceeded the ship appearing.  They decide to try again to scan the area.  They find a wormhole that leads to a temporal pocket in space.  When Nevets scans the interior of the wormhole, he finds that time is passing faster inside the wormhole that in normal space.  He find massive shipyards inside the wormhole.  This is how the Zarons are making ships so fast. 

    98.  Tear Down

    The crew must destroy the wormhole and seal the Zaron fleet inside.  The crew set charges on the ship holding the anomaly open, but get stranded inside.  Dr. Collek, in command of the ENTERPRISE, is attacked and ordered by Renalt to leave the anomaly.  Renalt steals a shuttle, picks up Nevets team, and exits the anomaly just in time before its sealed forever.