NCC 1701-B

The USS ENTERPRISE, NCC 1701-B was launched under the command of Captain John Harriman from a drydock orbiting Earth in 2293.  Captain John Harriman stepped down as commanding officer after the Tomed Incident with the Romulan Star Empire leaving his first officer Demora Sulu in command.  Captain Demora Sulu turns command of the USS ENTERPRISE over to Captain J.S. Renalt in 2315.  The ENTERPRISE, NCC 1701-B was believed destroyed in a battle with the Zaron Empire in 2316 in orbit above Baron VI.  However, its later revealed that Thames managed to save the ship for the Zaron Empire.



Cruiser Second Class

The actual time the CSC TAURUS was commissioned is unknown however, it was old when Nevets, Collek, and Dr. Williamson stole it from a Federation Outpost where they were being held in 2319.  The group used the TAURUS from 2319 until its near destruction in 2323 defending the Rebellion Alliance of Planets headquarters from the Zarons. 

                                                                    CSC TAURUS                                            TAURUS BRIDGE                              Standard Life Capsule



NCC 1701-C

The USS ENTERPRISE, NCC 1701-C was launched in 2323 from the headquarters of the Rebellion Alliance of Planets.  Renalt was made commanding officer upon its launch.  Renalt served as commanding officer of the ENTERPRISE until 2363.  In the timeline altered by Q, Renalt is still in command of USS ENTERPRISE, NCC 1701-C.  The current year is 2331. 




NCC 1701-D

In the first timeline, the NX ALLIANCE was the prototype of the Galaxy class design.  It failed miserably leading to a major design overhaul.  The USS ENTERPRISE, NCC 1701-D was launched in 2363 with Renalt in command.  This ship was crucial in defending the Federation against the Astorian Warrior Robots.  In 2365 the ship was given a major refit.  The ship was flung to another galaxy where Renalt had no choice but to plot a course toward home.  However, while helping another ship, the ENTERPRISE was destroyed.  This is when Q changed the timeline.